Monday, April 4, 2011

Ten of My (Current) Fave Things

1. Women Designated Parking Spots

This is seriously one of the greatest things in Karlsruhe.

Luis likes to think that he can park here as long as I am with him.  

I don't know if that's very, uh, gentlemen of him.  At least towards the other women it's not.  No complaints from me, of course, since he is saving me from having to walk long distances into the great unknown that is the parking garage. 

2. Lush Bath...Something or others

I guess the technical name for these beautiful, deliciously smelling bath treats from Lush are Bath Bombs.  

Bomb your bath with one of these bad boys and you will turn a warm bath from wonderful into heavenly.  

They seriously smell incredible.  I wish the screen was scratch and sniff just so I could share their amazing scent with you.    

When you drop them in the tub, they fizz, fizz away, filling your bath with secret skin silkening, body relaxing, oh so perfect goodness.  

I received these as a birthday gift back in February, and I highly, highly recommend these for any woman in your life.  Mother's Day perhaps? 

3. Cherry Blossoms

4. And other beautiful blooms. 

I'd never seen this flower till I moved to Germany and I am in love with it!  

It only pops up for a couple weeks a year in the Spring but it is breathtaking and smells a-ma-zing!  I just wish I knew what it was...any flower experts out there?  Share the wealth of knowledge please!

5. Evening walks with beautiful sunsets

Reminds me of Arizona...except that there are trees.  Tall trees. In Arizona, we only have little trees.  And cacti.  Lots and lots of cacti.  

6. Inauguration of shorts and sandals

Even if my toes aren't painted yet.  

7. Afternoon trips to the village ice cream stand

Homemade even.  Hence why we had to wait 15 minutes in this line because, 1. it is delicious and 2. Germans, as soon as the sun comes out, flock to the ice cream shops.  

Guaranteed, when the sun is shining, 1 in every 3 Germans has ice cream in their hand.  But I mean really, can you blame them?  It's ice cream.  Who can pass that up?

8. Swans basking in the sun on the Rhine

So beautiful.

9. Meeting new friends who also give good great tours. 

This is Rüdiger...or Roger.  He goes by both depending on where you're from.  Rüdiger Roger gives tours of an old town called Eltville.  

Eltville is charming.  Rüdiger Roger and his wife Elizabeth are so sweet.  More stories to come...

And last but not least.

10.  God's beautiful blessings, that come when you least expect them, in all kinds of shapes and sizes.  :) 

Happy Monday! 


Terri said... Best Blogger Tips

What fun! It is all wonderful but I think the last one is my favorite.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Glad you had a nice time with Roger andElisabeth. We are looking forward to seeing them in May and having the chance to see you and Luis.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Well, you know my fav would be the Swans on the Rhine - even better if it was the RYSK family on the Rhine.

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