Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Week

I may or may not have watched the entire Royal Wedding today.  I know, I'm shameless, but there's just something so captivating about royalty.  Blame Disney I guess for making every little girl want to be a princess.  

In my defense though, I did not sit glued to the tv. Instead, I watched while simultaneously cleaning for the Queen of our family to arrive:  my Mama.  But I definitely made sure to do stuff in the tv area at key moments. AKA the revealing of her dress and the royal kiss.   

Confession: I went to London when I was ten and I thought I would marry Prince William.  I mean, seriously thought it could happen.  Luis, you are not allowed to make any sort of jokes about this.  I was ten, give me a break. 

I am so grateful that God is in control of my life and not me because I ended up with a much better (and better looking!) prince.  Has anyone else noticed the massive bald spot on the young Prince William's head???  

I may or may not have choked back tears when I saw Princess Kate with her dad.  Blame the hormones.  Or the fact that the father daughter thing gets me EVERY time.  No tears actually fell, but the lump in the throat was definitely present.       

Germany, while a federal parliamentary republic, has a pretty intense history of royalty itself.  The country is littered with rustic old castles and beautiful, ornate palaces, one of which I visited on Wednesday with our German teacher: Schloss Favorite.

Schloss Favorite was the summer home of Sibylla Augusta in the 1700s.  Sibylla was the wife of Louis William, nicknamed Türkenlouis, for his role in defending Germany against the Turks. 

It's a reasonably small palace compared to some of the more grandiose palaces I have seen.  But the smallness has a nice charm. Makes it feel a little more homey.  And it certainly is beautiful.  

The outside is covered in tiny little stones gathered from the Rhein.  Louis put out a request for kids to gather stones and then rewarded whoever brought some to be used in the castle.  

We lucked out that on this particular day that we went, only 7 people had signed up for the tour at the time we were there, and those 7 ended up requesting to have the tour in French, which left us with a "private" tour.  

Frau Klockmann (our German teacher) was nice and asked if he could do the tour in English for me since she had been to the castle several times and knew I would get much more out of it if things were explained in my oh so wonderful native language.

This was a perfect half day trip, as the castle is located in Rastatt, which is only about 30 minutes from us, and the tour only lasts an hour.  Wander the beautiful English garden surrounding the palace or head to the little Schloss Cafe for some delicious looking homemade quiche or cake.

Happy Friday!


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By the way you are a Princess!!!!!!

Love you.

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