Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flowers in Bloom

It's been sunny every day this week.  I'm talkin' blue skies, no clouds, giant sun ball every sin-gle day.  Halleluia!

Today we got up at 7:00 because Luis had to be at the stadium around 7:40 and having only one car, I had to take him. 

Why is it that almost every day of the week, when I could technically sleep in, I am "up and at 'em" by 7:00 and yet the days when I have to be up early I somehow am hit with the sudden urge to sleep?  

Yesterday, I could have slept till noon if I wanted.  And yet, I found it extremely difficult to not be awake at 6:30.  Today, when my alarm went off at 7:00, it was soooo hard to get up.  Why does my body play such cruel tricks on me?

 Anyway, I took Luis to the stadium, came back, did some stuff for a bit, had every intention to do some intense cleaning i.e. windows today, and then somewhere between breakfast and my daily quiet time with the Lord I found myself extremely tired.  So I just laid down for a few minutes...and woke up an hour later, just before noon!

Then I was groggy and totally unmotivated and had every intention then to just be lazy the rest of the day.  But then my landlord called and asked if I could move our car so that they could do some planting in our newly renovated parking/courtyard area so I dragged my booty out of the bed and outside and suddenly I was struck with the urge to do something. 

Not clean windows.  No, no. I was over that goal for the day.  I had a sudden desire to plant something.  You guys, I have never planted anything in my life.  Except for a basil plant once that died.  But somehow between the sun and the feeling of spring and seeing my landlords putting new life around our apartment building I got inspired!

And so I purchased Hydrangeas.  

Hydrangeas always make me think of my Nana Banana (Hi Nana!) because she has them on her back porch.  Isn't she cute?

I also purchased Alpenrose.  Is that just the German name?  I had never heard of them but I fell in love the moment I saw them! 

And the daisies!

"They're so friendly. Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?"  Name that movie.  Anyone?

You've Got Mail!

And I've got an herb garden.  Or at least some herbs in some pots.  

I'm not sure which number basil plant this is but I have a good feeling about this one.  You see, I have had 3 failed basil plants and 1 that almost made it!

My first plant, I sort of forgot about and he died.  The second one, I just left in it's original little planter and he too died.  The third one, I googled "How to keep a basil plant alive" and learned that basil plants need to be in a good sized pot with plenty of drainage.

And so I replanted the third one in a bigger pot with good drainage and boy oh boy did he grow!  But then I went on vacation and unfortunately its caretaker didn't show #3 the same love and affection as I did.

I did all that I could to bring him back to life but alas he was gone.  So I bought a fourth one.  I think it was too soon after the third one.  I may have still been grieving the loss because I could not find any motivation to replant him in the bigger pot.  

Perhaps also because it was February and freezing on the porch.  Needless to say, #4 died too.

And so here we are, #5, my go to jersey number back in my softball days.  Along with some parsley and marjoram.  

I'm feeling pretty good about this.  I think these three little guys may grow to live good, long lives together, adding flavor to many, many dishes to come.

As far as the flowers go...

I'm still a little concerned about my botany skills...or lack there of. But I sure have enjoyed looking out and seeing some color on my porch so however long they last, I think they were well worth the euros and effort.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I have tulips just about ready to open, which means we will miss them while we're gone. I will have geraniums when we get back as I am buying them through ARCA - organization that helps people with special needs. It's still too cold for much up here in the high country.
Who was that woman with the puffy eyes in your blog - yikes, she's scarey.

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