Monday, March 21, 2011

Good Night Moon, Good Morning Monday

The moon on Saturday was beyond amazing.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  I whipped out my camera in hopes to catch a shot of it as we drove along an open field to dinner the other night.  

But of course, drive by shooting does not do a harvest moon justice.  And when we got to the restaurant, the moon was tucked away, hidden behind the German forest, out of site for the camera.   

I was feeling a little bummed that I wasn't going to be able to share "my marvelous moon" with you all, but then a very obvious thought occurred to me: You were blessed with the same moon.  You experienced the same feeling of wonder and awe as you saw the deep orange of the moon rise into the dark night sky as I did.  

It doesn't matter where you were in the world on Saturday night, you didn't need me to take a picture to share with you something that you yourself would witness, or perhaps already had witnessed with your own eyes.

Suddenly the world felt just a bit smaller as I pictured my family, my friends, people all around the world staring at the same harvest moon, admiring God's beautiful creation.  

At that moment, I didn't feel like I was in a foreign country. I didn't feel like I was 6,000+ miles away from my hometown.  I felt like I was a very small girl, on a very small planet, in a very large universe, made by an even bigger Creator.  

And somehow, as I watched the moon duck behind the forest the other night, I felt comforted, as if the world wasn't divided into large countries separated by vast expanses of oceans, but rather that the world as a whole was just a small piece of God's magnificent creation.  

Someone, somewhere in the world did capture the moon on Saturday. 

Photo taken by Robert Butterfield •

I saw this picture on Facebook posted by my favorite photographer Maria Butterfield, but the credit actually belongs to her husband, Robert, who captured the moon hovering over our sleepy, little Arizonan town.

What a perfect weekend memory to take with us on this Monday morning as we head into yet another week.  Whether you are dreading the week that is to come, or look forward to the exciting events it may bring, I pray that somewhere, in the midst of it all, you experience God's greatness and His comfort, just as I was reminded of in such a simple way this past Saturday.

Happy Monday everyone! 


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Your Papa was talking about the beautiful moon recently. It is very noticable here in the mountains away from the lights of the city. It is definitely spring and last week it was ideal. However, the winds have arrived and I thought I'd blow away when I was out giving my tiny tulips a drink of water this morning. The lilac buches are budding and the tulip leaves are poking through the ground. Spring is on the way - thank you, LORD!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

We were not able to see the moon so thanks for sending the picture. It was storming here.
Love, Aunt Geri

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