Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No Bad Weather, Only Bad Dressers

It's amazing how the Facebook newsfeed can keep you in the know of all the happenings on the homefront.  Sometimes I forget that I'm a thousand miles away, feeling rather like I'm sitting there reading the US Today or chatting with my girlies or overhearing unnecessary conversations of strangers in the mall.

One quick scroll through and you can be up to date on the weather in at least 3 to 5 states. You can get a feel for the current must-see movies or tv shows.  If you live on the west coast, you can most definitely know that any reality show final will be ruined for you if you get on Facebook before it airs on your side of the country.

For those of us who forget to look at the birthday reminders on the right hand side of the page, we can still be sure that no one will ever know we forgot their special day thanks to the announcements of who posted on who's wall.

You can know when your girlfriend  is preggo and even watch her belly grow as she posts daily pics of her bump. You can know when girlfriend has her baby.  When girlfriend's baby poops. Sleeps. Smiles.  Talks.  Walks.  You can watch videos.  See pictures.  Watch more videos.  See more pictures.  I'm pretty sure someday you'll even be able to hold girlfriend's baby virtually through your newsfeed.  Just wait.  It's coming.   

You can know when someone's engaged. When they got married.  On less than happy notes, when people are sick or pass away.  And you most definitely will know when it's finals week at every college or university in the country.

This morning, on my newsfeed, I noticed a very common theme: snow.  And lots of it.  

Here's just a sample:

"___________ is really tired of shoveling Satan's dandruff, cloud poop, the results of a parmesan cheese factory explosion a.k.a...snow.=)"

"Polar bear challenge in a blizzard.... Beat that!!!"

"Snow, snow go away! And don't ever come back another day!"

"SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)"

"2 Hour delay... Ill take it"

"Snow day #2! Yeah!"

"It's snowing in my neighborhood. :D"

"what a welcome to our new house! Snowed in"

"_________is wondering if there was ever a law passed saying that kids couldn't go to school if it was too cold. Anyone know?"

There really is nothing quite like a snow day.  I remember having one snow day growing up in AZ.  You can read a bit about that on this post here.  

Which, by the way, if you read that post, remember my little rocky snowman?  Here he is!


I found that pic on my last trip home.  It seriously took every ounce of snow I could scrape from our back yard to make that little guy!

You can imagine how skewed my idea of when to cancel school and have a snow day is, because, look at the picture, that was our snow day.  Do you see any snow on the ground?

That's why, when I moved to Germany, I was so fascinated by a type of school they have here called Waldkindergarten.  I used to run in a forest area where they had one of these schools.  The kids were always playing outside and I often thought what a great place for a school, to be able to have recess outside in the forest.  

It wasn't until I was talking with a friend of ours who was telling me about a friend of hers whose son attends a Waldkindergarten that I learned that those kids weren't at recess, they were "in school." 

Literally "Forest Kindergarten" kids attend school outside in the forest and are taught "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad dressing." 

How cute are they?  And how awesome is that concept ?  

In today's society where so few kids actually play outside anymore, to have a school where they are outside, in nature, learning all day, every day, no matter what the weather, is a really great idea in my opinion.  

Only in extreme weather conditions do they take them inside.  And by extreme, I don't mean cold and snowy.  I mean -10...celsius.  No snow days here that's for sure.  

I bet these type of schools make a whole lot of dirty laundry for the Mama's, but what an awesome way for your child to learn.  Especially little boys.

Obviously we are a few years away from having to make any school type decisions considering we don't even have any kiddos yet, but when that time does come, I would seriously consider trading snow days for extra laundry so that our child can attend a Waldkindergarten here in Germany.  

I think it's a great philosophy and a great way for our kids to experience something very unique to German culture and their way of life.

Now if only they offered an adult Waldkindergarten that could help change my own mindset about the cold.  That whole "no bad weather" concept just hasn't sunk in for me yet.  

Good thing I have a few years to toughen myself up before I have to convince my kids that -2 degrees celsius really isn't THAT cold and that really they should be excited about going to school in the snow. :)  

Enjoy your snow days everyone!  


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Cara, Thanks for the fun blog today! It is indeed REALLY cold here. Love YA, Mom

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Cara! This is great! I agree with you that germans have a refreshing attitude to the weather. Kind of goes along with their stoicism in general. Have you ever noticed how many women here are outside shovelling snow or cleaning their sidewalks? Even though fitness studios are getting ever more popular here, which I'm glad of as I work in that business, so many germans actually consider their yard work, gardening and those weekend hikes most of them take, to be their "work-out!" Pretty healthy attitude to life, I think!

See you at the club,

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this idea! We have had a lovely German au pair for the last six months (she's leaving next week, sniff). I wonder if she went to a Waldkindergarten - I'll have to ask her.

Helena said... Best Blogger Tips

I can still remember my time at Waldkindergarten... it was so much fun, although I was kind of afraid to spend so much time out in the woods. At age 4, I was terribly afraid that a bear might want to eat me, or *gasp* something might poke me while "going to the toilet". In retrospect, it was a good experience though :)
In what part of Germany do you live in? I didn't even know they had Waldkindergarten everywhere...

Cara said... Best Blogger Tips

Helena, that's so neat that you actually went to a Waldkindergarten! haha I didn't think about the whole having to go to the bathroom outside aspect of it...Perhaps if I have a little girl, she won't be attending Waldkindergarten. It's just so dang hard for girls to pee in the woods, I wouldn't want to put her through such trauma. :)

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