Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ready to Run?

Today I want to take you on a little run.  Doesn't this look like fun?

What?  It looks cold?  And gloomy?  

Fog?  I don't see any fog.

Okay, so maybe there's a little bit of fog.  Okay, a lot of fog.  Not the worst, but not ideal either.  And it certainly doesn't entice me to lace up my runners this morning.

So relax, I won't torture you today.  Instead, let's relive Monday and pretend we are running.  That sounds like a lot more fun, doesn't it?  

You know what would make it even better?  A cup of coffee.  And perhaps a cookie.  Or two.  These sugar cookies are quite delicious.  Go make them if you don't have any cookies in the house.  

All set?  This is going to be the best run ever.  I can feel it.

Disclaimer before we head out: The photos are not the best because

1. I have no photography skills 
2. My camera was flashing red from the get go so I hurried and only took one or two pics at each stop so as to catch as many beautiful sun rays as possible before it died on me
3. I have no photography skills whatsoever

Nevertheless, here we go.  

First stop: the bridge crossing the Alb, a small river which runs just behind our little village.  

Yes, those little black spots are ducks.  And these are swans.

My mom's maiden name was Swan.  I always thought that was such a pretty last name to have.  

Mine was Youngblood.  Not quite as pretty, but it's a good conversation starter when showing someone your ID.  

It's also very German...derived from Jungblut.  

Which, having learned that German last names often described what people did i.e. Müller was a miller; Schneider was a tailor; Zimmerman was a carpenter, etc. it makes me wonder, what does one do to earn a last name of Jungblut? 

Questions for another day.  Today we are running along the Alb, hoping the Swans don't attack us as we take their picture.  

I was dangerously close right there.  Fortunately, I think they were too excited about being in the sun to care.

Once we safely make it past the swans, we'll take a slight turn through the corn fields and then into the forest where we run by this lake.

Those boats are always there and I haven't determined whether they are for public use or whether someone actually owns them.  Maybe I should try taking one out one day and see what happens.  

Better yet, maybe I shouldn't.  Germans don't like when you do things like that.

The patch of forest opens up into this:   

The Rhine River.  Here's another shot of it showing our trail that runs along the river.  

But be careful not to be looking too long at these geese.

You might fall in the process.  That did not happen to me.  Honest.  But it almost did.  

One last view before the camera poops out on us.  

Gorgeous.  Sometimes I wonder how I am so blessed to have grown up in the beautiful state of Arizona and to now live in the charming hills of Germany.  

Very blessed indeed.  

Now wasn't that a good workout?  Go eat another cookie.  You earned it.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Cara, That was the easiest run I have ever taken. I hardly feel out of breath. I did stumble though guess I was too busy enjoying the view. Love, Mom

Cara said... Best Blogger Tips

haha I knew you'd enjoy it Mom :) Love you!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow I live so close to that scenery and I have never been there!! Maybe I should go for a walk there? Greets Johanna

Carissa said... Best Blogger Tips

Funny I was ditching out on my run when I opened up your blog :) haha so thank you for lessening my guilt by taking me along your run!! But now with the look at your scenery I may go run now to look out my scenery :) Thanks for motivating me! :)

Dad said... Best Blogger Tips

It was fun to run along with you Cara! As fast as I thought we were running, all of the photos appeared to be "still" shots???

Helena said... Best Blogger Tips

Beware of the swans! They're vicious! I've been attacked so many times.

I think a person called Jungblut is just a young person, it's kind of like a metaphore. Having young blood - junges Blut - means that you are quite young.

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