Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pay the 70 Euro

Yesterday, Valentine's Day, I showed a little love to my pearly whites and went to the German dentist for the first time.

I would say it was a rip off except I didn't pay anything.  Oh wait, that's what our gazillion Euros in taxes goes toward.  So yes, I suppose you could say it was a rip off.    

We are covered under public insurance, which so far, has been a great experience for us. It even includes dental care.  

I don't know if I just went to a bad dentist or what, but based on my visit yesterday, I learned that it really only covers a not so thorough cleaning for the bottom teeth with this machine pick thing that does not feel good at all, and also a super quick polish.  But only on the teeth that show.

Poor molars.  They got neglected.  

Where's Dr. Shepherd when you need him?  He had Nintendo, strawberry flavored fluoride, stickers and toys.  And he cleaned all my teeth.  Every single one of them.  And he printed your name in the newspaper if you were in the "No Cavity Kid's Club". 

Super cool.  I know you're jealous.  

I'm pretty sure I was in the German office 10 minutes, tops.  I guess that's not showing much love for my teeth, but I tried.

They recommended a different kind of treatment before we got started, which would have given me a deeper clean they said.  It also would have cost me 70 euro because of course, it's not covered by the insurance.  

I declined because I wanted to see what a normal cleaning was like in Germany compared to America before I paid any money.  

And now I know.  Save Money = Half Cleaned Teeth. Pay 70 Euro = Fully Cleaned Teeth, like this guy.

Yes, he's quite random.  But he has teeth.  And as I debated how to spruce up today's most uninteresting blurb, I decided it was much less strange to put this guy with his gappy teeth than to put a close up of actual teeth. 

That would be weird.  Very weird indeed.  

Besides, he's kind of fun.  He makes you smile.  Definitely more than my half-cleaned teeth would.  See, you're smiling.  Smiling is good.        

He was on display (amongst several others of his kind) outside the Louvre when we visited Paris in fall '09.  I love the contrast of the very traditional statue on display in the background with this very non-conventional sculpture.

More smiling.  

Keep smiling and have a great day. 

And if you plan to go to the dentist in Germany, show your teeth a little more love than I did and agree to pay the 70 Euro.  Then see how many German's you can get to smile at you on the street.  Now that would be a fun and interesting challenge.       


Shaharyar said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh man I love this!. When you said, "decided it was much less strange to put this guy with his gappy teeth than to put a close up of actual teeth." What kind of nonsense is this?! LOL.
Personally, I'd love a picture of actual teeth! (although the random statue is also a good picture)

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