Monday, February 14, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

In all our ten years of together, not together, together, not together, together, most definitely not together, magically back together, engaged and married, I think this is the first year Luis and I have actually spent Valentine's Day together.

Seriously.  Most of our relationship has been long distance, and last year, our first Valentine's as a married couple, Luis had a game.  Thus, this is our first Valentine's Day that we have actually spent together.  

And, added bonus, Luis had the day off, giving us the ENTIRE day, just the two of us.     

So what did we do?  We lived it up like the old married couple we are.    

To start, I showed a little love to my pearly whites and went to the dentist.  And, in true German form, that was an experience.  But more on that on another day.  Today is strictly about love, love, love.

My Valentine took me on a little trip to Mannheim for a lovely lunch of sushi.  My fave.  And as of two weeks ago, thanks to an unusually adventurous day for Luis where he actually agreed to trying sushi, his fave too.  Well, not quite, but he's definitely a fan now.      

Tip of the day: From our experience, unless you're in a major city, good sushi is very difficult to find in Germany.  The best that we have found within reasonable distance from us is in Tokyo.  Not literally Tokyo obviously, but the restaurant,Tokyo, in Mannheim.  Very fresh. Very authentic. Very delish. 

And Mannheim is a great little place to explore and shop.       

Unfortunately, in my excitement to eat sushi, I completely forgot to snap any shots of the city.  But, considering it's only 40 minutes away, and my only source of sushi, we will most certainly be back on another day, so stay tuned.    

After Mannheim, we showed a little love to our apartment by picking some things up in the wonderful world of Ikea.  

Ikea is a must if you live in Germany.  You won't survive a German apartment without it.

My parents always said, no matter where you go, if you spend more than $20 it's a date.  

Well, it's impossible to get me out of Ikea for under $20.  And it's impossible to get my Valentine out of Ikea without two hot dogs and a soft ice.  So given my parent's guideline, and the presence of food, Ikea was definitely part of our Valentine's date.  

We even threw in a little romance and shared the ice cream.  Swoon.   

On our way back, my husband experienced a lustful moment when this "sexy" (his words) thang passed by.  

Please excuse our dirty windshield which added a not so lovely touch to our drive by shooting.

It's a Ferrari by the way, in case you didn't know.  I of course knew that immediately.  Riiiight, moving on. 

When we got home, we got a little love from my wonderful parents with three boxes of all the essentials.  Brown sugar, chocolate chips, Sunday comics, granola, Valentine goodies...oh, and all the stuff I left at home after the Holidays because I couldn't squeeze it in my suitcase.

Thank you parents!

We topped off our Valentine's Day at only the finest of restaurants.  

"Looks like, plan B, Domino's Pizza by the candle light...just another day in paradise."  Or in our case, Pizza Hut.  Phil Vassar anyone?  

After a day out and about we settled in for pizza and a movie.  And a couple of these.      

No Valentine's Day is complete without a few special surprises.  But, I don't want to waste any more of your time that you could be spending with someone you love, so such stories will have to be saved for a later date.  

For all the years away from my loved one on this day of love, it was awesome just to be together.  I hope that, no matter what your situation or relationship status, that you have someone with whom you can share a little love with.  

And most of all, I hope that, above all else, you know and experience the greatest love of all: that of our Heavenly Father, who showed us the perfect example of love through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Happy Valentine's Day!   


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Glad you liked the goodies and had such a lovely day. Mom

Helena said... Best Blogger Tips

I love Ikea! We go there all the time, luckily it's pretty near. I hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

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