Friday, February 4, 2011

The Day Hell Froze Over

What's something you would never do unless hell freezes over?

For my Mom it might be "I'll run a marathon when hell freezes over."

For my Dad or Grandpa it might be "I'll vote for a Democrat when hell freezes over."

For my husband it might be "I'll eat mushrooms when hell freezes over."

Whatever your "hell freezes over" is, you might want to get on it.  Cause I'm pretty sure hell froze over yesterday. 

Just ask the poor freezing people in my little hometown.  No, it's not hell there, although, some people might think so in July.  

I'm talking about hell, the real hell.  It had to have frozen over yesterday for sure.

What leads me to this conclusion?  The fact that, there occurred a winter day, in the month of February, where I was glad to be in the weather of Germany and NOT in Arizona.

Here's why:  

8 degrees.  8 degrees.  That's -13 degrees Celsius.  That makes our temperature yesterday of 5 degrees (celsius) look like a dream.  And our 10 degrees today?  Scorcher! 

Yep, it's true.  Arizona, the land where you can wear a t-shirt and shorts for all but one week a year, was colder, significantly colder, than Deutschland, the land where you can wear a t-shirt and shorts for maybe one week a year.  

Slight exaggeration of course, but you get the idea.  Hell froze over.  

Not only was it freezing cold yesterday, but no one had any heat. Just check out the headlines.

"Cold snap leaves 4,500 Sierra Vista area residents without gas service"

That's more than 10% of our population. Work was canceled.  School was canceled.  The town shut down.  People wore long pants.  And jackets.  There were icicles.  Real icicles. 

Yes, that was taken in Sierra Vista.  Just down the street from my parents actually.  

One of the local middle schools that closed last year re-opened their doors, serving as a "Warming Station" for people who didn't have any heat in their homes.  I'm not joking.  

We desert people most definitely don't subscribe to the Waldkindergarten philosophy. There is such thing as bad weather.  If it's below 60, you're staying inside, it's bad weather. The sun's not shining?  It's terrible weather.  And when it comes to dressing warm, throw on some pants and a hoodie and we are bundled up.

I really admire the Germans in this regard, because no matter the temperature, they are out and about and ünterwegs.  They definitely know how to bundle up and deal with the cold, unlike my little home town.           

I realize, of course, that this moment is but a breath in time.  Next week, all will be right in the desert world.  They will be back to wearing t-shirts and shorts while we go back to our cold and snow.  But let it be noted, that there was a winter day, in February, that I would have gladly rejected an offer to hop on a plane to AZ.  

Yep, hell definitely froze over.  Stay warm Sierra Vista!


Terri said... Best Blogger Tips

I did not know Sierra Vista could ever be that cold! Wow! Who would have thought---with all of our snow and ice-- Dallas would be warmer than Sierra Vista!

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