Monday, February 7, 2011

Bad Americans

We didn't watch the Super Bowl.  Does that make us bad Americans?

Does it make it even worse that I completely forgot the Super Bowl was even on yesterday?  

I was sitting in bed last night, talking to my madre before we went to sleep and she asked, "So are you guys going to stay up to watch the Super Bowl?"

Me: "Oh yeah, it's on today, huh?  Nah, I think we are going to go to bed."

Okay, so we have a legit reason why we did not watch it, seeing as how it started at 12:30 AM here in Germany.  And considering how long it takes just to play the game itself, plus the thousand commercial breaks, we would not have gotten to bed till 5:00 in the AM.  

That means we would have slept till 1:00 in the PM and completely missed this beautiful sunny day we are having.  

I suppose for some people it's worth it.  After all, it's football.  It's 100% American.  It's a patriotic duty to watch the greatest game of the year.  Not to mention this year's matchup was quintessential, blue-collar, industrial, hard working America.  Packing Company versus Steel Industry.       

I seriously debated my choice last night as I laid in bed and considered what this day represented for my country.  It's football. It's pizza. It's wings.  It's beer.  It's commercials.  It's practically our third largest holiday, how could I not participate?

Okay, so it's not really a holiday, but the hoopla and excitement of the Super Bowl is definitely right up there with Christmas and Thanksgiving.

But are people really that into the game?  Or is all the hype really just about getting together with friends, enjoying food that you most definitely should not consume on a regular basis and watching the best entertainment of all, the commercials?  

Without all of that, how many of us would actually sit down and watch the Super Bowl?  

Probably still a good percentage, because, after all, we Americans love our football.  But for us two stray little Americans across the pond, we just couldn't justify sacrificing precious sleep to sit on the couch watching the game, by ourselves, without any delicious snacks because who really wants to be eating pizza and wings and Doritos at 4 in the morning?  

We did spend a half hour or so watching the best commercials this morning.  Which is very American of us so we have redeemed ourselves.  

Interesting fact: The price of a 30 second ad spot during the Super Bowl is $2.8 million. 

There are a lot of commercials that leave me thinking, you spent $2.8 million to show this?  
Like all the Go Daddy commercials ever made.  Waste of money.  They actually made me want to never use their product because of their advertisements. 

But not these ones.  These were among our faves, in no particular order.  They were 2.8 well spent million our opinions of course. 

1. Dad helping his kid be Darth Vader for a day.

2. Target was right on well, target, with this commercial.  I don't remember them ever having Super Bowl commercials but they did well.  Just another reason why I love Target.

3. The Lassie Truck.  Classic.  

4. Fun TV flashbacks...there really is nothing like American TV

5. Cute little beaver who saves lives.

Once again the E-Trade baby brought a good laugh although last year's  is still my fave. 

Bud Light was solid as usual with their Dog Sitter and Underdog, but where were their trademark Clydesdales and the Dalmation this year?    

The best commercial, however, that we saw of the 2011 Super Bowl was actually one that Fox rejected.  Although, I also just found an article that says it aired just before the 4th quarter so I'm not sure which is true.  

I guess if I had watched the Super Bowl I would know.  But thank the Lord for the internet that doesn't reject anyone and for the people who made this commercial.  Enjoy.    


Carissa said... Best Blogger Tips

The best part of the Super Bowl is commercials, friends, and food! All ya need to know is who won and what commercial was the best, all of which you have covered! :)

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