Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Only Words

Somewhere between our 4 suitcases and multiple moments of packing and unpacking things have disappeared.  Luis's new goalie glove, "s" intentionally not included because, well, only one is missing.  Where does a giant Mickey Mouse looking glove run off to in between here and Germany?

The other item, which is of slightly significant importance (at least to this blog it is) is the cable connecting my camera to my computer.  My poor camera has so much he wants to share with you, but such a right has been taken away from him for the time being.  

No pics makes for a pretty blah blog if you ask me but there's still much on my mind so today we'll take a break from the picture books and be a little grown up...but only a little.

Despite the disappearance of stuff, I seemed to have gained a whole lotta I don't know what, but whatever it is, it's heavy.  10 lbs over the limit heavy. My carry-ons were busting at the seams and  I was convinced that the one would break my arm before the day was over.  It didn't of course, but it was a workout to lug that sucker through the airports as I hurried to all my connections.  

As Dad and I were doing the whole suitcase shuffle thing at the US Airways check-in counter, I was all set and ready to sacrifice my purse for the sake of getting Mr. Luis's speakers back to the DE safe and sound.  I could do without the purse for a few months, but the speakers are another thing.  We like our music and we like our awesome portable speakers.  Hint: great wedding present if you ever need an idea for someone!  

Good ol' Dad to the rescue though, turned water into wine so to speak and found room somewhere, somehow.   It was slightly self-motivated though I think as I'm sure all he saw was himself having to walk out of the airport carrying a purse.  He was bound and determined to get that purse in my bags and he did!  Must be that pastor-ness in him that gives him the power to perform such miracles.

All joking aside of my inability to "pack light", I couldn't help but be amazed at the way God orchestrated this trip home.  When we originally booked my flights back in November, we did so thinking Luis would be training in the sunshine of Turkey the first week of January and therefore I would stay an extra week at home in the sunshine of AZ with my family.  He was scheduled to get back the 10th, so I planned to arrive a day after in order for him to be free to pick me up.

The training camp ended up being canceled when the new coach came in...apparently he prefers Germany over Turkey, however, I came to the realization this morning that, had the camp not originally been planned, I probably wouldn't have stayed through the 10th, which means I wouldn't have been home for Grammy's memorial.

With that, had Grammy passed even a few hours later, we would not have been able to hold the service on Sunday...in time for Carissa to make her flight back to school without having to make any changes to her schedule, and in time for me to be there before having to fly back to Germany on Monday.

Even flying home, we could see God's hand at work.  We had wanted to leave on the 21st but Luis's schedule wouldn't allow us to get out until the 22nd.  Our flight was 6 hours delayed, however, had we flown on Tuesday, we would have never made it home because all flights had been canceled.  Too many stand-by passengers attempting to get on to an already full flight left a lot of people in Germany for Christmas.  

It's little reminders such as these of God's faithfulness that reassures my faith.  That even in times when I don't understand why He allows such terrible things to happen in this world, such as the tragic events of this past weekend in Tucson, I can be sure that He loves and cares for us, and that His plan is still perfect, even down to the tiniest, most insignificant of details.  

Including letting me get on the very LAST flight allowed to take off out of Charlotte Monday night due to bad weather and low supplies of de-icing fluid.  It was two hours late, but they had just enough fluid to de-ice our plane and let us out before the flight deck sent us back to the gate.

Sometimes I just looooathe traveling.  I suppose it's my own fault; I just can't seem to get out of Target without buying something ergo the overweight suitcase. But even with the hassles, we can be confident that God will work all things together for good in His perfect timing.  

Now, if He would just show me where my cable is....  


Carissa said... Best Blogger Tips

I lost my camera usb cable too!!! Bad Christmas for camera cables! I'm glad everything worked out so well this break! I love you

Ande said... Best Blogger Tips

Cara, loved reading your blog! So glad you are doing this, so I can keep up a little with your life!


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