Sunday, January 23, 2011

No Room for the Goods

If you have lived in Germany or live in Germany, you will understand the following.  

If you plan to live in Germany, take note, and begin downsizing now. 

If you dream about living in Germany, keep dreaming, but cherish your American sized everything until your dreams become reality!

I give you Exhibit A:

Exhibit A was a wonderful gift given to us from a wonderful friend!

If you're planning to live in Germany as a non-military person, find yourself a wonderful friend who wants to give you a special gift from home every now and then.  You can shop on the economy all you want, but there are some things you just gotta have from home.  

For us it's Lucky Charms.  And healthy cereal to justify our Lucky Charms. And Mac n Cheese (don't judge, it's organic).  And snacks. And...well, if you're really that interested in what we just gotta have you can just look at the pic.  

We are stocked up, in case you couldn't tell from the explosion on my kitchen counter.  And this doesn't even include all the stuff I have already crammed into the fridge and freezer.

By the way, this is my freezer.  

It's a mini.  My Mom's car is miniature.  Sometimes when we are driving on the interstate I feel about 99% sure that with one little gust of wind we will just blow away. It's like a little toy.  Yet it's surprisingly spacious.  

My freezer is NOT surprisingly spacious.  What you see is what you get.  Maybe even more.

See those drawers? They're pulled out as far as they're little sliding things will reach.

See this?

That's all ya get.

So just what kind of pantry storage do I have here?  

I give you Exhibit B.

And Exhibit C

Exhibit D

And Exhibit E...including the top of the fridge 

When we first moved in I refused to use the fridge as an extra "shelf".  I got over that OCDness real fast after I realized not much can fit in my other 3 little nooks and crannys.  

No pantry here. No sir. Huh uh.

Ergo my storage conundrum.  Exhibit A must all magically work its way into the already occupied spaces of Exhibits B-E.

Somehow, still not completely sure exactly how,  I "made it work" as Tim Gunn would say. Project Runway anyone?  Anyone?  Okay, moving on.  

It is amazing to me how, despite such limited space, every little box, can, bag, etc. manages to squeeze itself in.  Storage Angels I suppose.  

Now on to eat my American Mac-n-Cheese while we watch our American football.  That's right, AMERICAN football.  None of this Fußball stuff tonight.  As of Thursday we got ourselves some tv, complete with ESPN

Stay tuned for the awesomeness of how that adventure took over our week.  :) 


Carissa said... Best Blogger Tips

Germany must not know how much your husband eats otherwise they would give you 2 kitchens to store your food in :)

Cara said... Best Blogger Tips

haha so true! Maybe I can start a petition...

Deb said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Chicka... Fun writing. I've got my blog set up and am going to start after we get back from Portugal. Wishing I had done this rather than my smileboxes from the beginning. May have to go back and make a "best of" at some point... but I'm just going to start where I am!
See ya Soon!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey my car may be miniature but it's paid for and at 184,000+ miles and still 40 MPG she's all mine.

Carissa said... Best Blogger Tips

BTW I love the new site design :) It looks great!!

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