Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brilliant Sunshine

I love Arizona. And here's why:

Brilliant sunshine.  Brilliant.  Where else in the world can you find a forecast for January 2 that calls for brilliant sunshine.  Okay, I'm sure a lot of places, but seriously, Arizona does have brilliant sunshine.  Don't believe me? 

How about now?  That's right, brilliant sunshine. In December even.  

Germany also has brilliant sunshine.  I saw it once when I was driving.

It just has a tendency to hide behind the less-than brilliant rain clouds. Or snow clouds.  Or sometimes just the plain ol' non-moisture producing grey clouds that always seem to hang around.  

The clouds loooove Germany almost as much as the sun loves Arizona.  AZ enjoys 300 days of sunshine. DE, 300 days of clouds.

There's only a very slight chance of exaggeration there, but for a girl who grew up in a state that claims the sunniest city in the US (it's Yuma btw), it sure seems like the sun is MIA more often than not in Germany. 

But actually, perhaps it isn't such an exaggeration because last Christmas , no joke, we saw the sun more in the one week we spent at home in Arizona than we did the entire month of January back in Germany.  

Like most things in Germany, it's an adjustment for us, but one we are happy to make...99.99% of the time.  The awesomeness of what the Lord is doing with our lives in Deutschland far outweighs the little bit of rain that falls on our grand parade, and the not-so-little clouds that hover over it.  

So here's to brilliant sunshine.  And to you.  May your 2011 be filled with many days of brilliant sunshine and may you find the joy and purpose in the grey clouds as well.


jams said... Best Blogger Tips

Well, we have sunshine in NM too, but it didn't bring its heater along. When Papa went to get the newspaper this morning, it was -5 degrees. So, be forewarned and bring your Germany clothes and then some.... I'll have the rice and pork ready for you now that I know how much you like it. Luis wins the prize for his pouty face in P.R. Check out Keri's blog and you'll see a neat picture of the whole family (except C & L who were basking on the beaches of Puerto Rico. See you soon!!!

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